University of Perugia
Perugia, ITALY - Prof. Piergiorgio Giacchè;
Università degli studi di Perugia
Piazza dell'Università 1
06100 Perugia, Italy
Dipartimento Uomo & Territorio
Università degli studi di Perugia

Administrative secretaria:
Phone: 075.585.3130 / 075.585.3131
Fax: 075.585.3160
Phone: 075.585.3161

Director of department: Professor C. Papa

The Department Uomo & Territorio of UNIVERSITA' DI PERUGIA collects a plurality of competences and disciplines – from humanistic to historic and social – in order to give appropriate answers in terms of research, education and programming of dynamic realities unfolding in the field, in the broad sense of an integral system of geographical and human elements.
The Department is structured in four sections: anthropologic, geographic, planning of agricultural and forest areas, urban.
The Anthropologic Section contains several research areas including: a) the human condition between the "biological" and the "social-historical"; b) the social and cultural factors regarding the relation health/sickness and alimentation; c) culture and communication processes; d) relation city/country and the processes of de-ruralization, urbanization and modernization; e) development, inter-ethnical integration and multi-culture; f) the methodological topics related to visual anthropology and museum anthropology; g) topics and problems related to anthropology of art and performance.