Studium Teatralne
Warsaw, POLAND - Piotr Borowski, Artistic Director;
Gdanska 2/17
01-633 Varsovia, Poland

Phone / Fax: 0048.22.833.43.60
In 1977-1983, Piotr Borowski worked as actor and musician in the theatre group “Gardzienice”. During that cooperation, Borowski also undertook his own artistic projects, like the “Winter Expedition”, a three-month work in the villages around Bialystok.

From 1985, he worked at the “Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski” in Italy.

After his return to Poland, he started working on an independent theatre project, and so, in 1995, “Theatre Workshop” was launched at the “Centre for Contemporary Art” in Warsaw. As a result, a theatre group was formed and registered in September 1996 as “Studium Teatralne Association”. One month later, “Studium Teatralne” found its working space at Lubelska 30/32 in the Warsaw district of Praga.

In the years 1996-1997, the group was working on the performance “Miasto” (City), which was awarded by the critics of the “Gazeta Wyborcza” during “II International Theater Festival Confrontations” in Lublin (October 1997).

In October 1998, “Studium Teatralne” was invited by “Goldsmith College” (London University) – “Miasto” was performed at ten universities in Great Britain.

In early 1999, “Pólnoc” (Midnight) was opened, a performance based on “The Forefathers’ Eve” by Adam Mickiewicz. “Pólnoc” was performed at the festival “Passaggio a Pontedera” in Italy, at the “CRT” in Milan, at the “Festival Internacional de Teatro ‘Palco & Rúa’” in Belo Horizonte in Brasil, as well as at the “Festival Internacional de Teatro Caracas 2001”, “III Theatrical Olympics” in Moscow, “Zuercher Theater Spektakel” in Switzerland, and in Croatia at the “International Small Scene Theater Festival”.

The most recent performance, “Czlowiek” ( Man) is an attempt at answering the character of our time, events full of aggression and manipulation; a mirror, which reflects the eternal, brutal desire to change the world.
“Czlowiek” was performed at the international festival “Theatre Confrontations” in Lublin, at Forum Freies Theater in Düsseldorf (Germany) and in Italy at the international festival “Fabbrica Europa” in Florence.