Turkish National Theatre
Istanbul-Ankara, TURKEY - K. Lemi Bilgin, General Director;
Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Culture and Tourism General Directorate of State Theatres
Email: istdt@istdt.gov.tr
Website: http://www.istdt.gov.tr
The State Theatres is an institution emerging from the needs of the society for a cultural enlightenment with the announcement of the Republic of Turkey. The internal support of an artistic institution by a state was regarded as a way of establishing the modern cultural understanding in the folk. With these intentions the State Theatres began their work in 1949 on two stages in Ankara and became the most important cultural and artistic element of the capital of Turkey.
Today the State Theatres are presenting their theatrical activities in twelve different regions on twenty eight stages.
With a hundred productions per year the State Theatres are showing 4700 plays each season.
The State Theatres introduced drama to each small village, town and city with their well organized ensemble tours.
According to the international cultural agreements the State Theatres organize several foreign tours and six national and international festivals as well.
The State Theatres are producing all the decorations, costumes and requisites in their own ateliers.
The State Theatres is an institution which follows artistic, cultural and educative interests, where over 700 artists and 2000 others are employed.
Although in a process of 54 years the States Theatres have been influenced by the revolutions which are based on the freedom of thought and belief, it remained an absolutely independent institution that is managed by an artistic director.