Théâtre National Tunisien - Ministère de la Jeunesse et des Loisirs
Tunis, TUNISIA - Mohamed Driss, Artistic Director;
Palais du Théâtre : 58, Place Halfaouine
1006 Tunis - B.P. 183 Bab Souika, Tunisia

Phone: 20021671565693
Fax: 0021671565640
In less than two decades of existence, the Tunisian National Theater has arisen as an institution of distinction both inside the country and throughout the region.
A state-run enterprise, the TNT’s objective is to carry out a coherent theatrical project aimed at confirming Tunisian theater’s own personality, by striving to create original works that simulate the potential playwrights imagination and at the same time, at opening up Tunisian theater to the world repertoire.
The TNT is designed to provide for artistic encounters, to host performers and to offer training for new talent as well as to provide means of growth for experienced artists, with no distinction or reserve other than that of demand for quality and the constant concern of ensuring that the creator remain sovereign over his or her work.
With fifteen years of restructuring now achieved, the National Theater is called upon to develop its activities in the area of training and enhancing all the trades related to theatrical creation, communication and cooperation among the various networks of world theater.
With it’s will to channel energy and talent in the service of artistic creativity, the Tunisian National Theater is committed to restoring their rightful place in society to the people working in Tunisian Theater today.

Mohamed Driss
Directeur du Théâtre National