xHCA - Questioning Human Creativity as Acting
Naxxar, MALTA - Prof. Richard Muscat, Director of Neuroscientific Research;
8/10 Triq il-Forga
Naxxar, NXR04, Malta


University of Malta
c/o John J Schranz
Msida, Malta

Phone : +356 2340 2989
Email : xhca@actionbase.org ; josch@orbit.net.mt
xHCA is a brain research program, based at the University of Malta. The program seeks interstices between Theatre-making, Performer Pedagogy and the Cognitive Sciences. xHCA was launched in 1995/6, with the late Ingemar Lindh as its director, John Schranz as its assistant director, and Professor Richard Muscat as director of neuroscientific research. xHCA is a "context". Performers engaged in today's highly demanding training regimens offer themselves to be observed and studied by cognitive scientists within that context, in the firm belief that the performer who "works upon himself", to quote the key statement of Stanislavski, is a prime locus where scientists can observe and investigate the neuronal events that subtend the human creative act. xHCA has started actively working on an interdisciplinary European Masters Degree program of Performer Studies, based at the University of Malta and operating in a network of four other Universities, Roma La Sapienza, Paris XIII, De Montfort (Leicester), Adam Mickiewicz Poznan.