Opening International Symposium:
“Performing Through – Tradition as Research at the Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards”

The launching of Tracing Roads Across is to take place in Vienna, Austria, at Theater des Augenblicks in June of 2003 in the context of an International Symposium on the researches to date conducted at the Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards.
The Speakers at the International Symposium, theatre scholars and practitioners, critics, professors and historians, coming from Italy, France, UK, Austria, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Poland, and Turkey are invited on the basis of their specific knowledge of theatrical and/or anthropological fields of investigation. The majority of them have been in contact with the researches of the Workcenter for many years. Some of them will be at their first meeting with this specific terrain of research. All of them, before the opening of Tracing Roads Across, have been invited to the Workcenter in Pontedera, Italy for a two days seminar on the actual perspectives of its creative investigations, on its pedagogical intercultural activities and on the upcoming three-year project.
At the Opening Symposium, Thomas Richards and Mario Biagini will be the dialogue partners within the roundtable conversations.
The Symposium will be open to the public, and translation from and in different languages will be provided. Some of the Speakers have been asked to monitor the overall project in its three years duration, and will be part of the “Documentation team” . These scholars will also take part in the Closing International Symposium in April 2006 in Pontedera, Italy (see below).
Specific scholars and theatre experts actively involved in the Symposia have been asked to co-operate in the compilation of an updated bibliography related to the work and life of Jerzy Grotowski, bridging also into the Workcenter history. This bibliography will be made available on-line as it is being compiled.

Closing International Symposium:
“Living Traces – Performing as a Shared Reality”

The Closing Symposium will be hosted by Fondazione Pontedera Teatro in Pontedera, Italy in April of 2006, with Speakers and participants selected throughout the entire three-year project.
Throughout Tracing Roads Across, the Workcenter team, and the “Documentation” and “Exploration” teams have been in touch with numerous individual artists, theatre groups, cultural operators, theatre scholars and critics, intellectuals and social workers from all countries involved in the overall project. Some of them have been asked to keep some sort of collaboration during the events unfolding in the frame of the project. The ones who have been following – in some way, monitoring – the overall project, will be invited to the Closing International Symposium as Speakers. They will come from Italy, Austria, France, Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Poland, UK, Turkey, Tunisia and Russia. The Speakers will be asked to analyze, in their individual addresses, the artistic phenomena generated and developed within the overall project, and the way in which they were realized within the different environments and places, different cultures and societies. The Speakers will also take part in public roundtable discussions with Thomas Richards, artistic director and leader of the Workcenter research, and Mario Biagini, associate director. All co-organizers and main partners will send their representatives to the Symposium, as to delineate in their view the arc of Tracing Roads Across during the three years of working cooperation.