Eastern Meeting-place
Eastern Meeting-place

“Eastern Meeting-place” will take place at the end of each year of the overall project – fifteen days the first and second years, and one month in the third. The first year’s “Eastern Meeting-place” will take place in Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro, and the second and third years in Moscow in Anatoli Vasiliev’s “School of Dramatic Art”. This intensive yearly seminar will be led by the Workcenter team and will include twenty-five to thirty-five selected young individual artists or scholars coming from Italy, Austria, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, France, Turkey, Great Britain, Poland, and Russia. The principal objective is to gather the motivated individuals who, having met during the year’s activities or during the year’s documentary work, might profit in a practical and simple way from the working capacities of the core artistic team, in terms of: acting and singing skills, directing capacities, montage techniques, and/or intellectual analysis and dramaturgic elaboration.
In the first year the host of Eastern Meeting-place in Serbia and Montenegro is the University of Novi Sad – Academy of Arts - Body Unlimited Postgraduate Program. They have provided The Pavilion of Officers - Petrovaradin Fortress that will be inhabited by the work lead by the Workcenter team with the participants. This building offers nine spaces in which simultaneous working session will be realized.
In the second and third years Anatoli Vasiliev will provide his new theatre building, which will be, for the whole duration of “Eastern Meeting-place”, inhabited by the Workcenter team and by the participants. This building offers unique possibilities from the point of view of simultaneous working sessions, and its spaces are designed in a way that suits acoustically the project’s artistic team’s needs.
The participants will work among themselves under the guidance of the Workcenter team, led by Thomas Richards. The young theatre artists will engage in in-depth analysis together concerning each other’s creative work, and its relation to tradition and performance techniques. During “Eastern Meeting-place” there will also be exchanges-in-work with artists of the hosting country.
During the three years, individual participants and groups in “Eastern Meeting-place” will change, even if, in some exceptional cases, certain individual participants or groups might be asked to come back the following year.