Focal Points
Focal Points

“Crossroads in Istanbul” – Turkey
“Southern Cradle” – Tunisia
“Bridging through Mediterranean Sea” – Zaros, Crete
“Anatolian Gate” – South Turkey

During the different “Focal Points” the project will bring its investigations to selected countries of the Eastern and Southern Mediterranean area. Each year, one country has been chosen as the “Focal Point”: first Turkey for the activity “Crossroads in Istanbul”, then Tunisia for “Southern Cradle”, and the following year Greece for “Bridging through Mediterranean Sea” . In the third year there will also be a second “Focal Point” in Southern Turkey with the activity entitled “Anatolian Gate”.
At the “Focal Point” of the given year there will be an extended residency of the Workcenter team. “Focal Points” will include performances, Actions, showings of films, conferences, and exchanges of work with young theatre groups of the given “Focal Point” country.
In the “Focal Points” the artistic work will be done in buildings of the highest possible quality of architectural design - non-conventional spaces, mostly of ancient construction - that correspond to the artistic necessities of each specific performative opus. Places with the appropriate sonic resonance, for instance, for the work on ancient songs of tradition, in which the Workcenter is specialized, will be identified and selected in the different “Focal Points”.
Moreover, within the frame of the first three “Focal Points”, the program called “Yearly Triangle” will unfold.

Yearly Triangle
Each year, during the “Focal Points” in Istanbul, Tunis and Zaros, a meeting in work between the Workcenter team and a Turkish, a Tunisian and a Greek theatre group will take place. The groups that take part in the “Yearly Triangle” will be the same for the three years, allowing thus a substantial confrontation on the development of the artistic and creative line of each group.