Documentation Team
designated to create a body of documentation
An integral and substantial aspect of Tracing Roads Across is consecrated to the creation of a body of documentation, in writing as well as on video. The Documentation team has been created specifically destined to this task, and is composed of scholars, artists, cultural operators and of a video and sound operators team. Some of the members of the Documentation team come from Universities, others are artists and professionals interested in deepening their understanding of the research at the Workcenter. The video and sound operators team is supported by A.C.C.A.A.N. – L’Atelier Cinéma de Normandie.

The Documentation team will regularly take part in the main undertakings of Tracing Roads Across. A continuous monitoring and witnessing of the overall project will unfold, mainly in the occasion of public and semi-public events. Written documentation once edited and elaborated, will be openly available online to all interested readers. While some Documentation team members will be present during the important phases of the main endeavors of the project, other members will take charge of editing and organizing the collected material. The video and sound operators team will utilize video recording when the presence of video cameras will not create a disturbance to the unfolding of the event. The video documentation will be given its final form after all the material has been collected.

Some Documentation team members will analyze in depth specific aspects of the work which will then be shaped into different bodies of texts. The Documentation team is also collaborating in updating the Bibliography.