Theatre Studies Programme of the Mediterranean Institute, University of Malta
Msida, MALTA - Prof. John J. Schranz, Senior Lecturer and Director Research
Theatre Studies Program,
Mediterranean Institute,
University of Malta,
Msida, Malta

Phone: +356 2340 2988; +356 2340 2989; +356 2340 2985
Fax: +356 21 320 717,

The web site of the Theatre Studies Program contains solely the program
of studies, and its address is as follows:

The Theatre Studies program of the University of Malta is part of the University's Mediterranean Institute. The program of studies is not praxis oriented. Students do get a very limited exposure to some fundamental aspects of contemporary performer training, but the thrust and aim of the program of studies is to give students a strong grounding into the historical, theoretical and philosophical aspects of the complexities of performance. The programs of studies range from the general Bachelor's degree to Ph.D.