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Bologna, Italia
Music and theatre department
Director: prof. Marco De Marinis
Administrator: doct. Annunziata Coppola

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Theatre Section
Coordinator: Eugenia Casini Ropa

The present Department of Music and Theatre has been created with the participation of a strong core team of scholars in theatre disciplines, whose teaching has been of essential importance for the DAMS course. The study and the experimentation in Bologna of theatre practitioners as Luigi Squarzina, Giuliano Scabia, Gianni Polidori, Lamberto Trezzini, and of scholars such as Fabrizio Cruciani, Claudio Meldolesi, Marco De Marinis, created new directions of research and experimentation, which represent a renovation of methodology in theatrical studies. As a result of these researches new disciplines were born that now are studied in the different Italian universities.

Among these new disciplines a theoretical study of dance has been developing in the last ten years, opening a new field of research, not existing before in our country. At this moment the researches carried on by the professors of the Section are mostly based on two branches:

- the performing techniques of the actor and of dancer in the different cultures, with specific interest in analyzing the expressing means.
- The material culture of the theatre and its different professions, in the past and in the present times.
- The documentation and the transmission of the performance even by using new technologies.
- The pedagogy of theatre and dance in a large social and educational context.

The courses held by the professors keep a close connection with the progressive result of the researches, such as with the active life of theatre and performance, always looking for an alive and updated teaching. At this moment the Section is consisting in 13 structured professors, 5 on contract, and one researcher. Since the new structure of DAMS’s Curriculum include, along with theoretical study, a strong workshop practical activity, the Section is continuously enriched by the active presence of professors on contract, and by the didactic help of outstanding theatre practitioners selected from the world of professional theatre and of theatre culture: actors, directors, dramaturgs, critics, organizers.
The activities of promotion and spreading of theatre culture realized by the Section are numerous and frequent, both through the public manifestations of the Departmental Centers CIMES, and “La Soffitta”, that take thematic inspiration from the actual researches, to offer performances, symposia, meetings with artists, workshops, etc… and also through a net of relations and conventions with the territory and its institutions. In particular there are conventions with theatres and festivals, which give to the students the opportunity of taking part in workshops and apprenticeships of formation. There is a very rich offer of international exchanges for students, organized by the Section through the project Socrates/Erasmus, and the constant scientific interaction of the teachers with foreign University institutions and research projects. The Section isrunning a Post-graduate course (Doctoral) on theatre and cinematography studies which is on its XVIII cycle and has created a large number of scholars, now working in the different Italian universities. In 2004, thanks to the proposition of the teachers of the Section, it will start the project of a specific degree in Theatre Disciplines. The Section has a specific part in the Department library, and video library that is becoming richer and richer. For the dance section there is a precious archive, unique in the West, recently given by the Japanese performer Kazuo Ono.