A.C.C.A.A.N. - L'Atelier Cinéma de Normandie
Caen, FRANCE - André Guéret, Director
57 rue Victor Lépine
14000 Caen, France

Phone: 33.231.843.277
Fax: 33.231.839.892
Website: http://www.accaan.com
Created in 1977, the Atelier Cinéma de Normandie (ACCAAN) is a non-profit association (law 1901), a structure of production and formation, and a center for audio-visual resources, which is acknowledged and supported by the Conseil régional de Basse-Normandie, the Ministère de la Culture (CNC, DRAC), the Ville de Caen, the Conseils Généraux de la Manche, de l'Orne et du Calvados.

It functions for 50% from its own income and for 50% with the support of the territorial institutions mentioned above (members by right of its committee of direction).

Having at its beginning only a limited production (3 to 5 yearly realizations), ACCAAN counts now nearly 30 productions or co-productions by year (short films 35 and 16 mm, diaporamas and especially video films: Beta SP and DvcPro).

Its production is eclectic: cultural, historical, ethnographic, and social documentaries; reportings, fictions, video-clips, video-danse, video-arts, pedagogic films, experimental creations…

ACCAAN’s tasks (management of a regional audio-visual archive, coordination of an image plan, varying trainings, reception bureau for film shoots, census and conservation of films shot in the region, bank of regional images …) foresee for the production sector a support, either to directors living in Basse-Normandie, or to authors or producers of a project presenting a relation with the Basse-Normandie.