Groups for Human Encounter
Naxxar, MALTA - Frank Camilleri, Actor and Pedagogue
Gruppi ghall-Inkontri tal-Bniedem
ActionBase Studio
8/10 Triq il-Forga
Naxxar, NXR04, Malta

Phone : 356.21. 421307

"Groups" is the latest phase (coming about in 1993) in the process of a 37 year journey of research in autodidactic group theatre which John Schranz started out upon in 1966. Over the years, a constant flux of persons moving into and out of the group and a constant redesigning of the pedagogical and dramaturgical approaches saw the name of the group going through a series of changes, each reflecting the developments taking place. This ten-year long current phase appears to keep providing constant openings into aspects of human encounter and creativity that are at the core of the researc