Theater des Augenblicks
Edelhofgasse 10, 1180 Wien, Austria
Phone: (+43-1) 479 68 87, Fax: (+43-1) 479 68 86
The Theater des Augenblicks was founded by Gül Gürses in 1987. The theater's opening marked the creation of a space specifically designed for intercultural encounters and extensive work on experimental and innovative theatre.
Theater des Augenblicks' own productions have had and still have a strong "laboratory character", where much emphasis has been placed on artistic research - on exploring the limits of physical representation. Over the years, numerous international theatre-makers have been invited to take part at a process of experience exchange, through sharing their profound knowledge with other participants during work in progress organized by the theatre, creating a dialogue between the artists.
Theater des Augenblicks' unique sense for the arts has resulted in artistic programs of a demanding level that have repeatedly confirmed the fact that artwork's true creative catalyst does not lie in commercialized theatres. Throughout the years, Theater des Augenblicks has increasingly become
a center for international collaborative network, inviting several artists and directors, such as Gao Xingjian (recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature
in 2000) with the premiere piece "JA und/oder NEIN".
Since 1987 Theater des Augenblicks has been mainly funded by four institutions: Stadt Wien - MA 7 Kultur; BKA, Sektion II, Kunstangelegenheiten; Europäische Kommission, Kulturkontakt Austria, Wien.
Artistic Director: Gülsen Gürses
Producer and/or director of several projects: "Briefe an Taranta Babu" (1985, on tour in 1988 - Southern Tyrol), "Guernica" (1989, on tour in 1990 - International Theatre Festival Istanbul and Festival Musica 900), "Niemand auf Reisen" (1991 - invitation to the theatre festival in Avignon). Artistic director of Theater des Augenblicks since its foundation in 1987; creating the first International Theatre Laboratory (ITL) in 1990, artistic director of the ITL (1991-93).

Conception, production and co-direction of the International Dance Laboratory - "Jahre der Einsamkeit" (1996) and International Dance Laboratory - "Spuren der Einsamkeit" (1997). Artistic director and co-director of "The Third International Dance Laboratory", cycle 1 ("Gender is Performance") and cycle 2 ("Turning Talks" including the symposium "Trans-identity in comparison: the cultures of Europe, Turkey, and India") in 1998/99. Conception and artistic direction of the festivals "context : europe - theatre impulses from Poland, Russia, Slovenia and Czech Republic" (2000), "context : europe 2001 - theatre impulses from Scandinavia" and "context : europe 2002 - artistic impulses from south-eastern europe"
Elfriede Karner (Administration); Karl Grünböck (Administration); Özlem Sümerol (Production-Assistance, Coordination); Brigitte Kasslatter (Production-Assistance, Coordination); Gül Yılmaz (Assistance); Technical Team: Helmut Raninger; Gerhard Bauernfeind, Ernst Pohn.