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June 28th - June 29th, 2003
Opening International Symposium: "Performing Through - Tradition as Research at the Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards"

This official launching of Tracing Roads Across takes place in Theater des Augenblicks.
The Symposium begins each day at 11.00hr in Theater des Augenblicks.
The International Symposium guests Speakers from Italy, France, UK, Austria, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Poland, Russia, Tunisia and Turkey. These theatre scholars, practitioners, critics and theatre experts analyze the relation between traditional and contemporary, innovative forms of art in the context of the Workcenter research, and debate the impulse into the future embodied in the project Tracing Roads Across.
Thomas Richards and Mario Biagini of the Workcenter are the dialogue partners within the roundtable conversations with the international speakers.
The Symposium is hosted by Theater des Augenblicks.



Opening International Symposium