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October 09th, 2003 - February 26th, 2004
Tradition and Performance

Rehearsals and practical research, performances, Actions, exchanges-in-work

Rehearsals and practical research, performances, Actions, exchanges-in-work

This yearly five-month activity in the home-base of the project in Pontedera, Italy, is the natural place for the Workcenter team to continue work on its performative structures and develop its research. It was at the invitation of Fondazione Pontedera Teatro, its director Roberto Bacci and co-director Carla Pollastrelli, to Jerzy Grotowski that the Workcenter was founded in 1986. Fondazione Pontedera Teatro has supported the Workcenter research since its beginnings. The first Tradition and Performance invites theatre groups from France, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Greece for extended meetings and exchanges-in-work with the Workcenter team. Events such as performances (Dies Iræ) and demonstrations of opuses in the domain of “art as vehicle” (Action and The Twin: an Action in creation) will take place.

Dies Iræ - shown in anteprima in Istanbul in the summer of 2003 - has its world premiere (February 6, 7, 11, 12, 13, 14 2004, 21.00hr, February 8 and 15 2004, 17.00hr, Fondazione Pontedera Teatro, Via Manzoni 22, 56025 Pontedera, Italy).

Dies Iræ is open to an audience, for reservations contact from the 15th of January on: Fondazione Pontedera Teatro, Phone: +39 0587 55720-57034, Fax: +39 0587 213631, Email: teatro@pontederateatro.it.

The Main Work is hosted by Fondazione Pontedera Teatro.


Tradition and performance (pdf, 21 kB)
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Main Work
Dies Iræ: My Preposterous Theatrum Interioris Show